About Us

Two portraits of the makers of meal-prep-ideas.com
Marco (left) and Andreas (right) in their kitchen realms.

Who we are

We are Marco and Andreas, two friends since school time who oriented their lives a bit away from the mainstream. We are doing our best to live a respectful and sustainable life. That means we live vegan and try to avoid industrially processed products wherever possible (not only related to food).

We also enjoy cooking and eating original food. And we like creative endeavors like developing own recipes and writing articles and books about what’s on our mind. That is why we started our blog Meal Prep Ideas.

What you can expect from Meal Prep Ideas

We live in a busy world, and your time is valuable: „Don’t spend more time in the kitchen than necessary – and the rest is fun 🙂“ That’s what Meal Prep Ideas is about.

But we also look closer into what we eat and the consequences that arise thereof.

  • Is it healthy?
  • Is it sustainable?

These are important aspects in everything we think and write about. We are building upon at least a decade of self-reflected consumption.

What recipes do you get?

As a consequence of this our recipes are mostly healthy, only rarely using processed ingredients, added sugar or fat. Yes, and all recipes are wholly plant-based. Lots of fresh veggies, fruit, grains and legumes, occasionally mushrooms and nuts or seeds.

And of course you will get recipes that use mainly seasonal ingredients. Be sustainable without thinking what to buy – if you use our tables of top seasonal produce in September.

Other Resources

Right now you find lots of information about seasonal produce, its nutrients, how to store or how to use them in our „vegpins“.

Another aspect of meal prepping is storing your preparations. We have written a useful guide to meal prep containers.

In the Making

But we have even more ideas yet unrealized. In the future we plan to offer another great service: Individualized weekly meal plans that are diverse yet easy and efficient to prep.

This is not only of interest to people who are on a diet or have certain food intolerances. It’s a solution for everyone who wants to try out new meal prep recipes with the least possible amount of time. That’s what we’re aiming for!

However, all of this is currenlty accomplished in our spare time. We are still dependent on our paid jobs. We currently cannot realize all ideas on our minds.

If you would like to see more of us in the future, please support us by purchasing one our seasonal meal prep ebooks. We prepared them with much love and dedication!