Healthy and Seasonal Meal Prep Meals Rich in Variety

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With this ebook series we help you eat at least one healthy vegan meal a day. Do your meal prepping on Sunday and have easy meal prep meals Monday through Friday. You will have full and varied meals during the working week, even if you have more than one hard job and a family and still want to have spare time for yourself.

Not Enough Spare Time?

Are you a busy person, working the whole week? Getting up early, coming home late and not wanting to spend an hour in the kitchen after an exhausting workday? But still you want to enjoy more than junky fast food or snacks the whole day through? Maybe you need to bring your lunch to work and prepare it at home. Or maybe your family would also appreciate a healthy dinner that is rich in variety on every weekday.

Organizing it costs time. Depending on your routines, you may lose even more time in the supermarket. Are you sometimes lost between the aisles not knowing what to buy for the coming week? Do you go grocery shopping more than once a week because you forgot important ingredients?

How much time do you really spend every week for all these things? Of course, if you like grocery shopping, and if cooking every day is fun to you, it’s a good thing to spend your time with it. But even if you like it, do you really have the time? Or do you rather spend it on other hobbies or your loved ones?

Your Way Out

How about reducing the time in the supermarket and in the kitchen and intensifying the fun? What if someone else would do all the planning for a week full of healthy meal prep meals and you just carry out the plan? And what if you’d always buy the right amount of everything, not too much and not too less? All that while you save money by mainly buying seasonal ingredients from a well-planned grocery list.

We have the perfect solution for your problems. We spent a lot of time testing it, and it works really smoothly. Spend no more than 10 minutes in the kitchen each day Monday through Friday.

How Does It Work?

Go grocery shopping on Friday using the grocery lists in our ebook. They contain the right amount of ingredients for the number of people you want to serve.

Prepare your meal prep meals in advance on Sunday. The true time saver are our preparation instructions. They consider already which part of all recipes makes sense to prepare next. Go for it step by step in an efficient order: Not by recipe, but by the action that needs to be done. First: clean all your veggies at a stroke, second: chop everything, third: cook everything in parallel.

Finally, box everything and label it for each weekday. Store it in the fridge or freezer and take it out one by one the following days. Follow the final serving instructions which is typically not more than warming your meal or mixing the dressing into your salad. You’re done. Enjoy your meal!

Preview of the assorted grocery list from "Summer Meal Prep". Ingredients sorted by categories "Grain and Legumes", "Vegetables", "Fruits"
First half of the grocery list for a whole week’s meals

So The Same Meal Every Day?

When you read about meal prepping or prep-ahead meals it’s often one recipe replicated five times. Recipes like that are abundant across the web, completely for free. That’s not what we offer.

We select recipes also for a big variety. There is every day another different dish on your table – but the week’s recipes share at least some common ingredients that you only need to prepare once. Get the highest reward for the small amount of time you spend on preparing it.

I’ll Get Lost Cooking 5 Meal Prep Meals in Parallel!

You think you’ll mix up your ingredients eventually? Rarely. The ebooks also help with this. From the descriptions you will always immediately recognize to which meal and which weekday a preparation step belongs to. No chaos in the kitchen. Nothing to manage. Just make it.

Preview of the prep day instructions from "Summer Meal Prep"
A page of prep day instructions

You’ll Benefit in Many Ways

  • Save time while shopping ✔
    • Use our grocery lists for shopping before the weekend
    • Go shopping just once a week
    • Don’t forget important ingredients
    • Don’t buy too much
  • Save time while cooking ✔
    • Prep meals ahead most efficiently with our preparation guide
    • Benefit from recipes that use common ingredients
  • Save money ✔
    • Buy seasonal ingredients
    • Buy only what you need and nothing more
    • Don’t throw away food anymore because you buy the right amount
  • Save your energy ✔
    • Avoid decision fatigue – know what to cook each week
    • Avoid stress and kitchen chaos – just do it by the book
    • Use your stove only once and cook everything together to also save electrical energy
  • Have fun white smiling face
    • Involve your partner and / or children in the prepping and make prep day a family event
    • Discover a new recipe on your plate each new weekday
    • Thrive upon a healthy diet of mainly unprocessed whole foods
    • Enjoy vegan meals with good conscience
  • Get it immediately delivered if you choose to buy it now 

What You’ll Get Exactly in Each Ebook

  • An introduction into the meal prep basics for beginners
  • 3 totally different meal prep weeks, each covering
    • an individual grocery list for the number of persons you want to serve
    • a detailed preparation instruction for meal prep Sunday
    • 5 different prep ahead meals from scratch that share common ingredients (to ease prepping)
  • Each recipe is
    • vegan
    • healthy
    • made up of mostly seasonal ingredients
  • That’s a total of
    • 3 diverse grocery lists
    • 3 different “meal prep Sundays”
    • 15 recipes of vegan, healthy and seasonal meal prep meals

And What’s The Price?

Each of our recipes is valued at just $1 for

  • the assorted grocery list including the whole week’s ingredients
  • the preparation instructions, arranged in an efficient process for your meal prep Sunday
  • a beautiful photograph how it looks like when it’s done white smiling face

We offer the basic version containing 3 weeks of meal prep: a total of (limited offer).

That’s a great price, considering the amount of time you save. For a fair comparison, let’s just assume you cook 5 days in the week an indivudual fresh meal each evening – a new recipe you’ve never tried before. Because that’s also what you get from our ebook.

What do you think how long it will take compared to our method?

Offer: 15 seasonal Summer Meal Prep meals for $15
Summer Meal Prep (limited offer)

Time and Money in Numbers

You will need to write down the ingredients to your grocery list (done quickly in 3 minutes). Then you need to look out for the ingredients in the store (maybe 15 minutes since you might spend time searching). Before cooking, read and understand the recipe (5 minutes). Finally prepare it, from cleansing your veggies to serving (at least 30 minutes for an average meal).

Now multiply everything with 5, since you will make 5 meals you’ve never done before. This estimate is probably still very optimistic and adds up to roughly 4.5 hours.

Now how long does it take if you use our ebook? Let’s compare the steps: The grocery list is already ready to go (0 minutes). Shopping from an assorted list is efficient, but you buy for the whole week, so maybe 30 minutes. Reading the prep day instructions to get the hang of it (10 minutes). And then the prep day (2 to 3 hours) and warming up / serving the meals (20 minutes total). Summed up ca. 3.5 hours.

Meal Prep Time Savings (one week)
action individual recipe (x5) Meal Prep Ideas
writing grocery list 3 min (15 min) 0 min
time in the store 15 min (75 min) 30 min
recipe reading 5 min (25 min) 10 min
prepping and cooking 30+ min (2.5+ h) 2 to 3 h
warming up 0 min 20 min
total 48 min (4.5 h) ~3.5 h
estimation optimistic realistic

That makes at least one hour time saved each meal prep week, probably even two hours or more. And now you get this thrice.

Is an hour of saved time worth 5 bucks? Remember you can repeat the meal prep weeks more than once! That’s one or two hours extra each week.

And the Money I’ll save?

Oh, yes. Almost forgot about that. Well, it’s hard to tell since we don’t know how much you typically spent on a week’s living. And it’s hard to tell what our ingredients cost since it depends whether you buy organic or not.

But we don’t use high-priced specialties. So even if you save only $5 per week on the ingredients because you automatically buy the most seasonal items, you’ve already fully redeemed the buying price of this ebook – not to mention the new experiences you’ll make!

The Extended Version

If you still think this offer is not valued appropriately, we offer a bargain on the extended version of our ebooks. In this version, each meal prep week is enriched with 3 additional side dishes, typically salads and desserts.

That are 15 meal prep meals + 9 side dishes. And on the side dishes we give a permanent discount of over 50%. To give you a number: You’ll get 

Furthermore, if you choose the extended version, we also deliver the basic version for free. Maybe you don’t always want to prepare the additional side dishes. Decide each week anew if you want a lean or a rich meal prep week, from the grocery list to the prep day!

There’s an Extra…

But that’s not all. We add another tasty bonus to our extended version. You get already the make ahead meals for lunch or dinner, but what about breakfast? How much time do you have each morning for a lush breakfast?

A comfortable solution are Easy Overnight Oatmeals, soaked in plant-based milk and soy yoghurt. The recipes in this free bonus ebook also contain many seasonal fruits. Get 3 delicious oatmeal-recipes per season.

That’s a total of 12 very different oatmeal recipes. Yet all can be prepared in 5 minutes in the evening to have a quick and healthy breakfast in the morning. Just take it out of your fridge and have a full meal ready!

So This Is Your Free Gift

The extended version includes:

  • The basic version (valued at $15)
    • Decide each week if you only prep the main dishes or include the 3 side dishes
    • You’ll have distinct grocery lists in both cases
    • You’ll have distinct prep day instructions in both cases
  • Easy Overnight Oatmeals (valued at $12)
    • 12 oatmeal recipes for a quick and healthy breakfast

That’s a bonus worth $27 alone. And you’ll get it included for free with a total payment of $19.

Summer Meal Prep meals and free bonus ebook Easy Overnight Oatmeals for $19
Summer Meal Prep extended with bonus (limited offer)

Taken Together

For only $19 you will get everything to realize 3 completely different meal prep weeks with 5 main dishes and 3 additional side dishes. Since you also get the version without side dishes, you can choose every week anew which set of recipes you’ll prepare. On top of that we put the 12 recipes of our Easy Overnight Oatmeals.

If you purchase our product and still should find this wealth of information is not fairly valued, or are completely disappointed with our recipes, we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on each of our products. Just send us an email and demand a refund. No questions asked. Of course we would really appreciate if you tell us why exactly you are not satisfied. We will use your feedback to improve our products.

On the other side, if you really like our ebooks and greatly benefit from their content, we are happy to receive a comprehensive testimonial from you to publish on our web page. Please write us a short email if you want to do so. We will contact you then.

Please be aware that this is currently a limited initial offer to our first customers. Prices are subject to change. So don’t lose time and purchase today!

Summer Meal Prep with all extras $19

Summer Meal Prep basic $15

Easy Overnight Oatmeals $12